Hire the best talent in data & AI
Find the right experts to power your projects with a focus in Data, Analytics, Process Intelligence and Machine Learning
10'000+ professionals from Eastern Europe
We can create a dedicated team or provide you with independent professionals in various areas:
  • Data Anlaysts
    Collect, cleanse and analyse data sets to solve business and operational problems
  • Data Consultants
    Experts with a wide range of skills: from high-level problem-solving skills to applied experience in data modelling and analysis
  • AI&ML Engineers
    Research, build, and design the artificial intelligence responsible for machine learning and maintaining
  • Data Architects
    Review and analyze the data infrastructure of an organization, plan future databases, and implement solutions to store and manage data for organizations and their users
  • Process Mining experts
    Applies data science to discover, validate and improve workflows
  • Analytics Team Leads
    A qualified professional who can lead the team of data specialists, define the project scope and communicate with business stakeholders

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